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Flores Honored with UOG Palulap Medallion Award


University of Guam


The University of Guam’s 15th Faculty Senate awarded former Regent Nominating Council Chairperson Jayne Flores the prestigious Palulap Medallion Award on January 19th at the Spring Faculty Convocation.

Flores, an alumna of the University of Guam, is the third recipient of the honor in the history of the Award.

“Today we honor a person whose leadership and integrity ensured the survival of the fledgling Regent Nominating Council, and a person’s whose actions were ultimately pivotal to the full WASC accreditation of this University,” said UOG 15th Faculty Senate President Dr. Kate Moots.

As the then-chair of the Council, Flores was instrumental in establishing a successful relationship with the island’s administration while ensuring that the statutory prerogatives of the Council were recognized, respected, and institutionalized through the community of Guam and that the highest standards of integrity were established for the regent nominating process.

“It was a very fine dance, and I’m just glad it worked out for everyone” Flores said. “It’s an honor to have been recognized. For me, it’s just something that I felt was my job and duty. I did what I had to do to keep the council alive.”  

The Palulap Medallion Award, named after the legendary Micronesian navigator whose wisdom and skill continue to inspire the youth today, is given to a member of the community of Guam who made an extraordinary contributions to protecting and promoting the University’s defining attributes of freedom, integrity, autonomy and governance.

See photos from the Palulap Medallion Award ceremony and the Spring Faculty Convocation on the UOG Flickr website.