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CIS-UOG Databases

Center for Island Sustainability

CIS-UOG Databases

* This page contains data regarding UOG's sustainability projects. Note that some of the database contains information that is not complete. We will continue to update these database on a six months bases.

* Updated 09/11/14

Paper Waste Diversion

Since January 2012, CIS has diverted over 16,000 lbs. of paper waste from entering our landfill. All of the paper is collected from the different departments around the university, as well as some outside organizations. The paper then gets weighed and recorded before being recycled or shredded. The shredded paper is used as mulch at either the CIS gardens at house 32 or at the Triton Farm in Yigo.

Make a difference today by diverting your paper waste away from the landfill.

Shredded paper

UOG Green interns use shredded paper to border newly planted trees around the university.

Shredded paper

CIS volunteer waters the garden at CIS after using shredded paper for mulch.

Mulching in your garden helps prevent weeds from growing, reduce moisture loss, and provides organic material as it breaks down.